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I was a Civil Engineer and  specialized in studying the structural components of Blue, Green, Red and Yellow Onyx for over 25 years.  I've been a rock hound since childhood and I've always educated myself in the geological and structural properties of various precious and semi-precious stones. My journey in the specialization of Onyx began in 2009. Since then I haven't looked back and now I have produced and sold thousands of pieces worldwide.


Currently I am focused on a proprietary process of core drilling Onyx boulders to create magnificent vertically cylindrical lamps, sculptures and tables. Although many consider my lamps to be my specialty through the years I have picked up the love for other kinds of art forms with the use of Onyx. I visit some of the most prestigious shows around the world every year and continue to amaze viewers and impress new clients on a daily basis. I have now turned my focus to more personal projects such as Onyx fountains, pedestals, tables, chandlers, and much more as I often say,  you name it and I can get it done.  


The Onyx I work with is called "Bandit" Onyx one of the rarest and most precious Onyx around the world. I have the blessing of being one of the only people to be able to legally work with this kind of Onyx. Bandit Onyx washes up on the Sea of Cortez and it has been identified and studied by UCLA archeologist and have been estimated to be about 60 million years old.

Now the stone I work with isn't any kind of stone,  its a specimen that grows ocean crystals and all kinds of precious minerals inside of it.

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